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FPRA was born

The Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents (FPRA) has been a beacon of hope since its establishment in 2005. Its unwavering commitment to saving lives and reducing injuries by implementing effective and integrated programs has had a profound impact on road safety in India. The organization is dedicated to increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills amongst all road users through education and advocacy. It has been registered under the Societies Registration Act-1860 and other Acts, and has earned recognition as an institution of repute from both the Government of Odisha and the Government of India.

The Forum has formed partnerships with numerous international organizations such as the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, International Road Federation, International Road Victims’ Partnership, and Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, among others. Its long-standing experience in road safety and accident prevention has led to the successful implementation of several programs. The Forum has been recognized for its outstanding contribution to road safety and prevention, including receiving the prestigious IRTE & Prince Michel International Road Safety Award, Best Traffic Citizen, and Outstanding Road Safety Campaigner. The Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has also recognized the organization for its commendable service.

The Forum’s dedication to the cause of road safety is evident in its numerous achievements. It has truly made a difference in promoting road safety and preventing accidents, and its tireless efforts will continue to make a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Our Mission

FPRA is dedicated to achieving its three-fold noble missions for road safety. Our first mission is to change the behavioral characteristics of road users, with a particular focus on drivers, to promote safe movement on roads. To achieve this, we are committed to developing innovative and effective education and awareness programs that encourage road users to adopt safe behaviors on the roads.

Our second mission is to develop a strong management information system on traffic hazards and road safety measures in India. By acting as a watchdog, we aim to ensure that government measures on road safety are effectively implemented and that any gaps in implementation are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Finally, our third mission is to promote road safety literacy among all vulnerable groups of road users. We recognize that promoting road safety requires ongoing and intensive awareness and education programs that target specific groups of road users, such as children, pedestrians, and cyclists. Through these programs, we aim to empower road users with the knowledge and skills they need to make safer decisions on the roads.

Overall, we believe that by focusing on these three missions, we can create a safer and more sustainable road environment for all road users in India.

Our Vision

FPRA is committed to a vision of optimism for road safety. Our goal is to create safe, efficient, comfortable, and affordable transportation for all road users in the long term. We believe that transforming the mindset of road users is critical to preserving road safety ethics as a way of life, and ultimately minimizing traffic accidents as a negligible public health issue in the future. We strive to achieve this goal through advocacy, education, infrastructure development, and community engagement initiatives. By working together, we can make our roads safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Our Values

FPRA encourages the following values to be practiced both at individual and organizational level.

  1. Honesty
  2. Integrity
  3. Empathy
  4. Respect for others
  5. Responsibility
  6. Fairness
  7. Compassion
  8. Courage
  9. Cost efficiency
  10. Accountability
  11. Participation
  12. Solidarity

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