Creating awareness about the importance of road safety through various campaigns, events, programmes and advocating for policies and regulations that promote road safety.

Long Short Walk:

In commemoration of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week, the Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents (FPRA) partnered with the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and Commissionerate Police of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack to organize a series of events from 6th to 12th May 2013, under the Long Short Campaign. The aim was to raise awareness about pedestrian safety and involve various stakeholders, including the government, NGOs, and corporate entities. FPRA volunteers actively participated in an extensive awareness campaign in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, distributing leaflets, brochures, and badges to promote road safety rules among pedestrians and road users. The highlight of the week was the Long Short Walk, where campaigners walked along the roads carrying umbrellas, placards, and banners to draw attention to road safety measures. Media outlets highlighted pedestrian safety issues, and the WHO provided pedestrian reflectors and advocacy materials. The success of these events showcased the commitment of stakeholders in making the roads safer and FPRA extends its gratitude to the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety for their support. These activities serve as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to create a safer road environment and protect pedestrians from preventable accidents.


SaveKidsLives Campaign:

The United Nations 3rd Global Road Safety Week, focused on children and road safety, was observed worldwide from 4th to 10th May 2015 as a SaveKidsLives Campaign. In Odisha, the FPRA in collaboration with Odisha Road Safety Society organized various activities to celebrate the week. These activities included a painting competition and signature campaign held at the Odisha State Maritime Museum in Cuttack. Distinguished guests, including officials from various organizations, shared insights on the importance of road safety at the school level and emphasized the need for parents to be aware of traffic rules and instill good traffic habits in their children. As part of the #SaveKidsLives campaign, school children presented a signature book to a representative, urging them to prioritize children’s safety on the roads. They read out a declaration calling for action to ensure the safety of children on the roads globally. A painting competition was also held during the event, with enthusiastic participation from children across different age groups. The topics focused on road safety habits, being visible at night, and staying alert to avoid accidents. Winners were recognized with prizes and certificates, and participants received appreciation for their efforts. The SaveKidsLives Campaign highlighted the importance of ensuring children’s safety on the roads and encouraged collaborative efforts among various stakeholders to create a safer environment for them. The event successfully raised awareness and promoted the significance of road safety among the participants and the wider community.


National Road Safety Week/Month:

Annually, India observes National Road Safety Week/Month with the objective of cultivating a road safety culture among its citizens. During this time, FPRA plays an active role in organizing a series of road safety programs to address the pressing issue of traffic fatalities and injuries, while also imparting knowledge about the potential risks associated with road usage. These initiatives encompass a range of outreach activities, including training workshops, competitions, eye testing camps, webinars, street plays, and foot rallies, which are made possible through the support and sponsorship of both government and private organizations. The primary goal of these programs is to raise awareness among students and the general public regarding road safety concerns, fostering a sense of responsibility and promoting safer behaviors on the roads. The Forum expresses its gratitude to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) for their unwavering support in various activities during the National Road Safety Week/Month.


UN Global Road Safety Week:

The UN Global Road Safety Week is a global campaign organized by the United Nations to raise awareness about road safety and address the pressing issue of road traffic deaths and injuries. Taking place every two years, this week-long event focuses on a specific theme related to road safety and encourages governments, organizations, communities, and individuals to take tangible actions in order to enhance road safety. At FPRA, we actively participate in the UN Global Road Safety Week by organizing a range of activities and initiatives such as awareness campaigns, educational programs, policy discussions, and advocacy efforts. Through these endeavors, we aim to increase public consciousness about the significance of road safety, promote responsible behaviors on the roads, advocate for effective road safety policies, and mobilize collective action to combat the global road safety crisis.



Fit for Road Campaign:

The Forum’s dedication to road safety extends beyond public education, as evidenced by its collaboration with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited in conducting the “Fit for Road Campaign” at Paradeep, Raipur, and Haldia terminals. This initiative aims to ensure the physical fitness and well-being of Contract Workers and TT Crew Members before they operate vehicles. The comprehensive campaign encompasses a range of health check-ups and tests, including Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Whole Abdomen Ultrasound, Pulmonary Function, and X-Ray Diseases. Each participant receives an individualized report card containing their test results, allowing them to address any health issues that might impact their driving ability. Moreover, if the medical team identifies any vision impairments, we provide them with spectacles to ensure clear vision on the road. With five years of successful implementation, the Fit for Road Campaign exemplifies the Forum’s unwavering commitment to promoting road safety by prioritizing the health and well-being of road users.


Come Back Home Safely

Children face numerous hazards and risks as they navigate the road environment, yet their needs are often overlooked in terms of road safety. Children engage in various road activities as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and vehicle passengers, but their vulnerability is heightened due to factors inherent to childhood. The shared nature of the road space, combined with children’s limited ability to make safe decisions, puts them at an increased risk of severe injury or death. Recognizing the importance of ensuring the safety of children traveling to and from school, our Forum, with support from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, organized the “Come Back Home Safely” Road Safety Advocacy Campaign in Cuttack, Odisha. This campaign aimed to foster a sense of responsibility among school children regarding road safety through 50 safety lectures, 25 competitions, and a signature campaign involving 3,569 students. By taking a bottom-up approach and empowering children with knowledge and awareness, we strive to create a safer road environment for everyone, especially our young ones. Photo P06


Safe School Zone:

The organization has undertaken the implementation of the Safe School Zone Project in Odisha, starting with Ratnakar Vidyamandir, a school located near National Highway – 55. The aim is to create a safer walking environment for school children who are at risk due to the absence of traffic lights and signals, limited visibility of zebra crossings, and obstruction of footpaths by local vendors. Steps taken include discussions with transport, police, and education authorities to adopt Ratnakar Vidyamandir as the pilot for the project. The Regional Transport Officer of Cuttack has been involved to facilitate the reduction of speed limits, deployment of crossing supervisors, installation of traffic signs and road markings, and organizing road safety sessions. The Executive Engineer of the National Highway Division, Cuttack has been requested to provide necessary road furniture and signage in front of the school. The organization has also contacted the Director of Secondary Education and the District Education Officer for the deployment of teachers as road crossing supervisors. Additionally, efforts are being made to address visibility issues caused by trees by coordinating with the National Highway Division and the Divisional Forest Officer to trim branches that obstruct the road. These measures aim to enhance the safety of school children and create a model Safe School Zone for future replication.

Campaign against Fake Helmet:

In Odisha, road accidents have been on the rise, and the fatalities among two-wheeler riders have more than doubled in the past decade. The main cause of their fatal injuries is the non-use of proper helmets, which are essential for protecting the head and neck. As a dedicated road safety NGO, FPRA has taken a strong stance against fake helmets in Odisha. We have launched a comprehensive campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of using low-quality helmets bearing fake ISI marks. These helmets are often made of cheap materials like plastic, fiber, and thermocol, which do not meet the required safety standards. To highlight the severity of the issue, we conducted crash tests of these fake helmets during the campaign launch in Sambalpur city, with the support of the Superintendent of Police, Mr. Batula Gangadhar. We have also urged the government to take strict action against sellers, distributors, and manufacturers of these fake helmets. Our campaign will continue to spread across other cities in Odisha to ensure that every two-wheeler rider understands the importance of using genuine, certified helmets for their safety. Photo P08

Making and Screening of Road Safety Films

The organization consistently produces impactful road safety films in Odia, featuring popular titles such as “Ebe Hatamuthare Akasha,” “Surakhita Truck Chalana,” and “Nirapada Sadaka – Surakhita Jibana.” These films are specifically designed to raise awareness among individuals and communities, emphasizing the importance of road safety and accident prevention. In addition to these thought-provoking films, FPRA has successfully screened “Ehsaas” and “Afsos” in theaters, effectively shedding light on the perils of drunken driving and the critical significance of prompt medical attention for accident victims. This collaborative initiative involving the Commissionerate Police, IRF-India Chapter, and FPRA addresses the prevalent issue of road accidents and their adverse impact on society. Recognizing the power of visual storytelling, films serve as a compelling medium to captivate audiences and enhance their awareness regarding road safety concerns.

Bicycle Conspicuity Drive

India’s alarming rate of road accident deaths, the highest in the world, emphasizes the vulnerability of cyclists as road users. To address this issue, the FPRA partnered with the International Road Federation, India Chapter, has launched the Bicycle Conspicuity Drive. This campaign focuses on enhancing the safety of cyclists by improving their visibility through the use of reflective tapes. Implemented initially in Cuttack, the campaign involves affixing AIS-90 standard retro-reflective tapes to standardized locations on bicycles, effectively reflecting light from headlights and enhancing visibility from all angles. Adhering to color standards mandated by the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and commercial vehicle conspicuity standards, the initiative ensures compliance while improving safety. With over 10,000 bicycle riders already benefiting from this campaign, cycling becomes safer, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting road safety for all.

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