We provide education and training to drivers, pedestrians, and other road users to enhance their knowledge about road safety and encourage them to adopt safe behavior on the roads.

Refresher Workshops for HMV Drivers:

FPRA has taken on a proactive role in spearheading Refresher Training Courses for Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) Drivers in the most accident-prone areas of the state. This commendable initiative has resulted in over 3000 HMV drivers from the unorganized sector benefiting from the training program. The comprehensive curriculum covers a range of subjects, including the fundamental qualities of a driver, the causes of accidents and their preventive measures, traffic control methods, road signs, traffic rules, lane discipline, overtaking, parking, and more. Notably, FPRA also incorporates a dedicated session on AIDS awareness, recognizing its importance in public health. As part of the program, participating drivers receive personal insurance coverage of Rs. 1.00 lakh and cash incentives, further incentivizing their commitment to road safety and responsible driving practices.

First Responder’s Training:

The Forum, in collaboration with the State Transport Authority, is undertaking an extensive training program for first responders in road accidents, showcasing their commitment to empowering and educating various community members. This inclusive initiative aims to involve roadside shopkeepers, community volunteers, school teachers, and cadets of NCC/NSS, ensuring a diverse range of participants actively contribute to spreading awareness and promoting road safety while offering support to accident victims.

Throughout the training, participants have acquired crucial knowledge in two pivotal areas: the Good Samaritan law and the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines designed to safeguard them. Additionally, they have acquired vital first aid skills, including CPR and techniques to control bleeding, enabling them to play a pivotal role in saving lives and mitigating the severity of injuries sustained in road accidents. This comprehensive training program signifies a significant stride forward in cultivating a culture of responsibility and community support. It stands as an integral component of Rakshak, a groundbreaking road safety initiative led by the Odisha Government.

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