Our Work

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Advocacy & Awareness

Creating awareness about the importance of road safety through various campaigns, events, programmes and advocating for policies and regulations that promote road safety.

Community Engagement

The Forum is engaging the local communities to understand their road safety concerns and work together to find solutions.

Data Collection and Analysis

We collect and analyse data on road accidents and fatalities to identify the root causes of accidents and develop strategies to address them.

Education and Training

We provide education and training to drivers, pedestrians, and other road users to enhance their knowledge about road safety and encourage them to adopt safe behavior on the roads.

Support to Accident Victims

We provide various supports to the accident victims at the spot, at the hospital like Ambulance service, rescue service etc.

Support a Future where there’ll be no Road Accidents

At FPRA, we are committed to making our roads safer and reducing the number of preventable accidents and deaths. We invite you to join us in our mission by supporting our initiatives, spreading awareness, and advocating for stronger road safety measures.

Together, we can create a safer environment for all road users in India.