On 22nd June 2021, a devastating accident unfolded on the Bhubaneswar – Puri National Highway near Bhoguabanka. A collision between a car and an auto-rickshaw claimed the life of Kabir Sahu, leaving four others severely injured. Hailing from Bhubaneswar, the victims were rushed to the Government hospital, with Rajesh Kumar Beura’s condition being critical.

Acting swiftly upon receiving the distress call, dedicated volunteers from our organization swiftly arranged for the transportation of Rajesh to AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneswar, in our well-equipped ambulance. The hospital, recognized by the State Government, provides free treatment to road crash victims for up to 48 hours, ensuring Rajesh received the specialized trauma care he urgently needed.

Through the diligent efforts of the medical team and Rajesh’s unwavering determination, his condition steadily improved. After receiving intensive medical care and support, Rajesh triumphed over his injuries, demonstrating remarkable resilience and strength. Today, we celebrate his recovery as he is joyfully discharged from the hospital, ready to embrace life once again.

This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder to all drivers to exercise caution and vigilance while on the highways. Rash driving by both drivers contributed to this tragic accident, but by sharing this story, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of responsible driving and the potential consequences of reckless behavior.

Let Rajesh Kumar Beura’s success story be an inspiration for us all to prioritize safety on the roads. Together, we can prevent future tragedies and create a safer environment for everyone.

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